The 59 Club


The 59 Club is an easy way to fund-raise on a regular basis.  Each number from 1 – 59 is the equivalent of the bonus ball of the weekly lotto draw.  Each number is purchased at a cost of £1 per week but paid by standing order either 3 monthly (£13), 6 monthly (£26) or annually (£52).

Every Saturday evening the bonus ball of The National Lottery Lotto draw will determine the winner each week and the owner of that number will win half the pot e.g. if all 59 numbers are sold then the winnings will be £30, if only 30 numbers sold then the prize will be £15.

 Joining now gives you the opportunity to win from the lottery draw which will take place


            RULES OF MEMBERSHIP:                

  • For legal reasons you must be a fully paid up member of the Isfield & Little Horsted Bonfire Society

  • You must be aged 16+ to enter

  • Money should be paid in advance of the draw

  • If money has not been paid for the winning number then there will be no prize money that week

  • You can own one or more numbers at £1 per number, standing orders to be set up for the overall cost

  • If the number does not have an owner then there will be a roll-over of prize money

  • Prize money can be claimed from Andy Brooks at the Laughing Fish

  • If you wish to cancel membership then you should give one month’s notice prior to cancelling the standing order 

EITHER Every 3 months payments set up a standing order to go every three months of £13 per number
OR Every 6 months payments set up a standing order to go every six months of £26 per number
OR Annual payment set up an annual standing order of £52 per number


Interested in joining the 59 Club and supporting the Bonfire Society?   

Get in touch via the Contact Us page and we will get back to you with an application form.