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Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations

In addition to our annual display, as a Society we also attend Outmeetings hosted by other societies in the villages and towns around Sussex and Kent.  Starting on the first Saturday in September and continuing every Saturday evening until late November – and sometimes even early December – you will see a group of us marching  in procession through the streets and lanes.

We also of course join in the processions in Lewes itself on 5th November and have marched with Waterloo, Borough and Cliffe Bonfire Societies over the years.

Transport for members to Outmeetings is usually provided by a 14 seat minibus, courtesy of the Lions in Uckfield.  We're eternally grateful to our member Barry for being our designated driver most weeks. This minibus is supplemented by private cars, taxis or an additional minibus, as demand requires.

Anyone requiring transport to an Outmeeting needs to add their name to the list behind the bar in the Laughing Fish no later than two weeks prior to the Outmeeting. They also need to have made the NON-REFUNDABLE payment for transport by the two week date. At this point, the list will be closed and transport is guaranteed for these people. If there are still any empty seats on the minibus, then the first to come up with the money will secure the seat.

The cost per person, per Outmeeting, for the 2019 Season will be £6.


Here are some of the societies we typically visit during the bonfire season